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You know that awful feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach when you receive an ‘official’ government letter?  Well, I have had cause twice recently to wonder and on opening the letters have discovered that big brother is indeed alive and well and watching (out) for us.

I have always thought that its  bad manners to discuss with a lady her age, but oh no – there it is boldly emblazoned on both the letters –
Dear Maria (hmm – very familiar given that I don’t know this person from a lump of coal) – Congratulations on reaching 50!  Congratulations my arse – so what – we all get there sooner or later.  And then proceeding to tell me of the possible decline of my health and offering all the screening tests under the sun!  Hey gently guys, gently – many people start to feel a little fragile around that blessed 50 number!  Yep, BB is watching us all…

And that throw-away comment I made a few weeks ago about the loss of Spring was a tad too quick.  This week we have been sweltering in Summer temperatures with the last four days reaching the high twenties – and with little relief in sight!  Still, we shouldn’t complain – at least we are coming in the warmer weather unlike our European friends who can only look forward to cold and colder!!!

Busy getting ready for the departure of good friend Meredith who is heading west to the tiny community of Mt Perry and her hubby Andrew.  Wonder what the weekend will bring?



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